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Room Three: Artillery

Misc. artillery items from the war. Links are to photos of the item. Hit your 'back' button to return to this page. Some photos may take a few seconds to load. Feel free to contact us with questions about any of these items.

Mountain Howitzer

12 pound mountain howitzer made in 1861 by the Algers Foundry of Boston, Mass. Weight of the tube is 222 pounds.Long shot of the entire cannon | Front of barrel showing the number 183 and the initials F.J.R. | Mark of the Algers Foundry in Boston, Mass located on the right trunnion | Date “1861” stamped on the left trunnion


Confederate 12 lb. Shell

Confederate 12 pound shell with brass fuse.Photo


U.S. 20 lb. Schenkl

U.S. 3.67" “20 pounder” Schenkl case shot.Photo
Fuse of 20-pound Schenkl which reads “J.P. Schenkl Pat. Oct. 16, 1861”Photo


Six Pound Borman Ball

Cut-away view of a six pound Borman ball.Photo


Ten Pound Hotchkiss Shell

Cut-away view of a ten pound Hotchkiss shell.Photo




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